Gathan Beaga

yaris (again)

Now to whinge.

Martha mentioned how much her boys enjoyed that new Toyota Yaris advert, and I thought I’d try it out on my girls too.

They loved it. I had to loop it to keep them happy. “Crash! Bang!”, said R₂ happily, while her other sister just giggled all through (the micturition scene passing them by).

But it wasn’t exactly easy to obtain a copy of the video to use offline. I had to snarf the URL of the .flv file by using LiveHTTPHeaders on Firefox; download it and then play it in a dedicated .flv player (as my usual .flv player, VLC, didn’t seem to work on streamed .flv files). It seems that Toyota want us to stream this video, not download it – except that streaming for me is a pretty stop/start affair even though I’m on broadband. (And the nice people at seem to have set up their webserver to make difficult deep-linking of their movie files by redirecting any page hit that carries a referring URL to their home page – I can sympathise with them to an extent so I won’t post the precise URL of their version of the file here – so I couldn’t easily use their alternative source for the movie file.)

Why oh why is this so hard? (A question for Toyota webmaster other-Alan, who drops by on a semi-regular basis.) Why not offer a super hi-res version for download? What purpose is served by enforcing streaming?