Gathan Beaga

windows™ security

Now that we have the oxymoronic title of this posting out of the way I can relate something I found the other day that is actually quite useful.

Imagine that a loved one comes to you with a story about how their Windows PC is acting “strangely”. You investigate. Oh, the horror! Faced with a neglected PC that’s being used as a spam-spewing zombie by some dodgy Floridian you decide to clean it up, only to discover that you need to suck down a couple hundred megabytes of security updates through the tiny straw that is a 56k modem.

Enter the Windows Security Update CD. It’s completely free, and covers all critical updates through to October 2003. Should save everyone a fair bit of time.

Hell, even though I’m a Mac user I ordered one. It will probably prove useful in my role as family technical support helpdesk… and if not, well I’ve just helped disperse some of Microsoft’s insane monopolist profits. So good vibes all round.