Gathan Beaga

winding down

Things are winding down a bit here as we consider the dread prospect of having to return to Wellington. It looks like tomorrow will be a day spent trying to round up all the bits and pieces scattered about the place, and packing it into the car ready for an early start on Saturday morning.

Back in Wellington, according to the news, it’s been torrential rain. Compare and contrast – today, out at Lottin Point for a day’s fishing, I got sunburnt. There was a gentle onshore breeze, no clouds, and a temperature in the mid twenties (°C). It was perfect.

The fishing wasn’t so good though – my pitiful attempts at surfcasting netted only seaweed. But Becky’s Dad, a braver man than I in his little aluminium dinghy, managed to catch us a nice trevally and snapper for our dinner.

Chucking in the fishing, I assisted Becky with the girls’ marine zoology field studies in the local rockpools. Bella assembled several starfish of different sizes; lining them up she labelled them her “starfish family”. Rosa methodically collected snails off the rocks and dropped them into the pools. And I marvelled at the most excellent and large cat’s eyes (largest in size and population that I remember since some happy times as a kid at Brighton Beach south of Dunedin).

Meanwhile, the girls’ grandmother and great-grandmother relaxed under the shade of some handy pohutukawas.

You couldn’t ask for more, really. Do we have to go back?