Gathan Beaga

wii love it

On Friday afternoon I took home a Wii.

It’s been a bit hyped, this Wii as exertainment idea; one bloke even played it for thirty minutes a day over a month to see how much weight he’d lose (9 pounds).

I’m always a sucker for hype. And a new toy. A new toy that might be fun as well as good for us. Cool.

The first thing we all did was build our own Miis, little avatars that you use to play the various sports games. The girls (and some of their visiting friends) found this part a lot of fun, trying out lots of combinations until they found one they felt reflected themselves. The Wii is internet connected (via our wireless) so if B₂’s friends get one we can actually send their Miis over to their console.

Then we played. Wii Sports is basic, but a lot of fun; and simple enough even for R₂ (at three) to have a decent crack at at least a couple of the games (Boxing requires no co-ordinated button pushing for example, and R₂ – at least at this early stage – can KO her opponents).

I think Nintendo are on to something here. They’ve consciously decided to strive for a whole new games market, and it would seem are succeeding.

And they’ll probably be getting more revenue from us. Extra controllers (so the girls can, advisedly or not, box each other), more games (Zelda maybe?); stuff from the Virtual Console (go Sonic!).

Even R. is convinced. Dangerous stuff, eh?!