Gathan Beaga

why Salticidae is my favourite (II)

OK, so this blog has turned into the Spider Hour. Mr Reasonable won’t be reading anymore.

Anyway, I think today I’ve figured out the secret of taking photos of small animals: lots of light.

At tea time we were diverted by a nice large Trite planiceps on the ceiling above the table. The girls were all for feeding it a beetle that they’d spotted on the ceiling over my head. I thought this was maybe a little too graphic for poor R₂, who is having regular nightmares at the moment as she learns to make it through the night without any minor plumbing mishaps.

So after tea, we put the spider into our bug jar and took it outside. B₂ had the jar in her hand as I took the lid off, directing her to let the spider hop out onto a sunny fencepost. Unfortunately it was more keen to climb onto B₂’s hand, much to her fright, and I had to retrieve it before the jar was smashed onto the concrete path.

I put the spider down.

I got really close with the camera. Macro on, the first few weren’t that great against the sunlight. But with the flash on the spider came up pretty well.

Trite planiceps

Just as yesterday, once I got to a certain point close enough the spider jumped onto the camera. You go!

As previously noted, I’m sure a better camera would make a nicer job… but I’m very pleased with this for now.