Gathan Beaga

why Pownce?

Thanks to Hadyn, I received an invite to Pownce. Pretty soon I was in.

And the first question I have for myself, is why? Do we need another of these Web2.0/blog/social apps? Do I need it?

I already am signed up to (he checks through some of the websites in his password storage app) blogger, corkd, facebook, flickr,, linkedin, magnolia, mog, ning, odeo, secondlife, spock, tumblr, twitter, vimeo, virb, and youtube, among many others. Counting up my different logins today it seems I have well over 200 of various kinds. Why, I ask myself again, why?

Too late. I did it anyway. I am a sucker for NEW.

What the absurdly good-looking bunch of “geeks” creating Pownce seem to be doing is letting small groups of friends communicate short status messages, links, and files easily between each other.

Think a prettier Twitter, but with some nice small group messaging functionality thrown in. There’s a few things still missing: a richer desktop client app; an SMS interface; some more members that I know, are three.

Hopefully all of these will be remedied over time – but at the moment there’s slightly more of a barrier to spontaneous communication than there is with Twitter. Which may not be a bad thing.

And did I say it’s very very pretty? Maybe that trumps my initial “why?”, after all.

Beta testers of Web2.0 apps need friends. I have 5 Pownce invites – let me know if you want one…