Gathan Beaga

whining about broadband...

…in this country is pretty much passé these days. Everyone’s got horror stories. The monopoly incumbent wholesales frankly unacceptably crap to everyone else, and the alternatives either aren’t widely available or have compromises of their own.

It’s all a bit rubbish, actually.

Recently I got a chirpy email from my ISP. It was good news apparently – I was to be transferred onto a new plan, for the same price, but with a new “as fast as you can go” speed maxing out at the somewhat less that overwhelming maximum speed of 8 Mbps. There were a couple of other compromises as well, like not downloading more than 2 GB in a day.

Gee thanks.

The laugh of the matter (I thought) was that although nominally I was on a 2 Mbps connection, I’d NEVER managed to get it to go faster than 1.5 Mbps ever, even in the very early morning hours of the assassin when sensible people are sleeping and competing usage should be at a minimum. So I knew that despite the chirpy ISP email, I’d see SFA difference.

It turns out the last laugh is on me. There is a difference. It feels slower and less responsive now; and web pages often get “stuck”, not displaying but spinning away. Testing it a bit, I’m finding that although the download speed may now sometimes get as high as 1.3 Mbps in the early morning, when I actually want to use it – evenings and weekends – it is disgracefully slow. As I write this, at about 9:20 in the evening, it’s down to 0.5 Mbps! And the upload speed is now almost never more than 0.08 Mbps.


I’d rant more if the situation didn’t leave me with the sort of weariness tinged with anger and disgust that makes me feel that further thinking about the subject is a futile exercise.