Gathan Beaga

where's piggy?

Rightly or wrongly, I don’t have many good words for the ANZ bank, for reasons too tedious and possibly prejudicial to my employment status to go into here.

However, today I’ll raise a glass to whoever was responsible for their full page ad in the Dominion Post.

All week we’ve been subjected to one of those irritating mystery ad campaigns. On TV, piggy banks run away from home and swim away like lemmings to who knows where. In the newspaper, a full page ad consisting of fake lost notices for piggy banks. In bus shelters, posters on the same theme.

Call to action on the latter two is to text 405 with the word “Piggy”. You then get supplied a web address, and instructions to watch the TV on Sunday night. Checking out the web address just gives you the terms and conditions for a draw for a whizzo mobile phone, and that the organisation responsible for the competition is ANZ’s rival, the Bank of New Zealand.


So today, in a brilliant and inspired piece of attack marketing, the ANZ puts a full page ad in the paper, consisting of a pile of light blue (ANZ’s signature colour) piggy banks with a staff member behind them, saying:

Looking for those piggy banks? Don’t worry, they’re safe and doing well.

Implying they’ve all gone to the ANZ. It then goes on to hawk ANZ’s savings products.

This will raise doubts in people’s minds as to who is really behind the advertisements, spiking the guns of the BNZ’s exposition of whatever the hell it is they’re up to tomorrow night on TV. And at the same time ANZ have parasitised the BNZ’s costly attention-gaining campaign, leveraging all that mindshare gathered during the week and diverting some of it to themselves.

You can just imagine how pissed off the BNZ marketing people will be right now. Ha ha!

I wish I’d thought of it myself. And I’m picking that we may see a few less of these mysterious-style ad campaigns in future…