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Last week was all about the Wellingtonista awards, and a lot of fun they were, even if there was maybe too much ethanol involved.

Since then I’d like to say that I’ve been keeping a low profile, and that’s partly true, but it’s still been damnably busy. It’s this dashed Christmas thing, you know.

  1. Christmas Cards. Got them through this year, very pretty, but still, they don’t write themselves, do they?
  2. Visitors. Normally we don’t get so many visitors on account of me never inviting anyone over. We’ve had several lots this weekend, and despite the appalling weather it’s been quite fun.
  3. Games. I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t flogged the iPod Touch, as my phone is being continuously drained by all of the girls playing games on it. (OK, so I’ve been at it too.) and such a time-sucking waste. I’ve somehow stopped reading books.
  4. Work. Bah! As a money-grubbing contractor I’m working right through the Christmas/New Year period. I’m going to NEED some sanity time off in January though, coincidentally just as the weather should improve.

So there’s not much chance of entertainment or profundity on this blog at the moment, I’m afraid.