Gathan Beaga

what today was about

Although it’s October the weather is getting quite nice again. So off we went up the coast for a day at the beach.

B₂ and R₂ getting predictably wet

Naturally, it was about 15 seconds between this photo being taken and both of them falling in and getting completely wet.

A very pleasant day was had, not least because extra help, in the form of their idolised older cousin, was available to divert the girls from boredom when all their parents wanted to do was relax. And have another glass of wine.

Eventually, the day drew to a close, and yes, wineglasses in hand we marvelled at the rather spectacular sunset.

the sun sets over the south island from Raumati Beach

That’s the South Island over there you know. With images like this, it’s no wonder the place is still my heart’s home even after all these years in Pig Island.

And tomorrow is another holiday.