Gathan Beaga

what to do?

Epic beer, at my place.It is a hot sunny evening and I’m at home feeling absurdly relaxed. Many things are conspiring to place this time out of the ordinary; but chief among them are the facts that R. and the girls are away (I’ll join them tomorrow, but for now I’m on my own); and I found a shop stocking Epic (the first beer I’ve ever tried, and kept buying, based solely on internet word of mouth / Facebook/Twitter etc etc).

So now I’m wondering what to do. There’s lots really, even when the things that really should be done are discounted (like mowing the lawn… yeah right).

I could either:

  • surf the Fail blog, this year’s answer to lolcats; or
  • try and finish Zelda, or at least start Metroid; or
  • upload some stuff to Flickr (no wait – I’ve done that already); or
  • watch some more of Firefly on my iPod; or
  • idly search domain names looking for good stuff that’s not taken; or (the default option)
  • get plastered, sitting on our sunny evening deck.

Too many choices. Default option is looking likely.