Gathan Beaga

web 2.0

I’ve been trying more and more of these so-called Web 2.0 apps. Like Ma.gnolia last week. Latest is (once again about a year after everyone else) is, which supposedly will monitor your machine for the stuff you play. It uploads this data to the server, which then allows you to discover other music you might like by comparing what you play to what other users play.

Great concept, but it’s not going to work for me. First of all, I listen to stuff on my iPod, and there seems to be some serious limitations to iPod compatibility. Particularly in my case.

You see, recently our home CD player was broken, and we’ve been using the iBook as a music player through to the “AUX” input of the stereo. But of course, thanks to the girls, the most played music on the iBook is now the Wiggles, so the suggestions I will get will be things like the Hooley Dooleys and Hi-5. Worse, if the iBook is used to play music at any time before I manage to plug in the iPod to upload it’s play frequency data, the iPod data is ignored.

I’m not sure why this is, but I’m guessing it’s some sort of measure to stop dickheads overstating the play frequency on some tracks.

Either way, I give up.

Another one I ran across today is a new twist on the personality test. It’s Personal DNA, and admittedly I only looked at it because the fairly clever Mr Hicks was involved in the design. However, it’s quite nifty in its use of some new Ajax widgets to do more complex measurements of attitudes and beliefs.

Not sure about the output though. Half of it seemed about right, but the rest seemed a bit off. Your mileage may vary…