Gathan Beaga

waikanae beach

We had yesterday and today at a beach house in Waikanae, lucky us, to help celebrate B₂’s ninth birthday. And the weather could not have been better.

Well, it was pretty good all over the country really. Just look at this:

Ruapehu from Waikanae Beach

Yes, that’s Mt Ruapehu, around 180 km away (we could also see Taranaki, though he was harder to find). The skies were clear for hundreds of kilometres in every direction.

Out with the sea KayakAnd while the air temperature was not that warm, the sun was hot enough today to encourage the kids into their togs for a paddle, and for Helen, with whom we were staying, to haul out the sea kayak for rides.

They were considerably more keen than I was.

Though last night as I stood in the setting sun on the balcony overlooking the beach, glass in hand, even I was thinking about a little adventure on the water:

Windsurfing Gold

Probably just the wine talking, that was.