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video streaming the football (pt. II)

So it turns out that, perhaps not unpredictably (although I actually wasn’t thinking of it at the time, honest1) the previous blog posting on this subject has turned out to be a minor traffic magnet, especially before big games:

some popular content

I never really found an adequate solution to the problem of finding reliable streams for football viewing. There’s too many other people also looking for free streams to make any provider sustainable at the moment (although I do hear that the Chinese p2p outfits work, but I can’t verify this on my Mac).

From tomorrow though, state TV here in New Zealand will be showing a game every morning: maybe not the ones I especially want to see, but it’s good enough.

And then there’s surely the most über-geek cool solution I’ve come across: live streaming ASCII-art!

Here’s Guus Hiddink leaping out of his enclosure during the rather epic Australia vs. Croatia game yesterday:

ASCII Gus van Hiddink

(Stand back a bit. See?)

Thanks to some cool guys from Austria you too can have this running in your nearest command-line terminal.

It’s not hard to use. It’s certainly a lot easier than chasing down those elusive video streams on PakTV or CCTV5, that’s for sure.

If not quite as, er, visual.

1 Yeah, right.