Gathan Beaga

various, but sadly also the iPhone again

The time-honoured bullet post:

  • Where’s the snow? The extremes of Wellington weather tend only to the wind, which is a bit dull, frankly.
  • Wagamama has opened here. Should I care? I thought I did, but now I’m not so sure. Shouldn’t I be supporting the local boys and girls? But we’ll be sure to go along at some point.
  • The spore creature creator does not work on my two-year-old MacBook. Bah!
  • I love being demo’ed skunk-works iPhone apps. I bet there’s heaps of these in the woodwork too. July will be an interesting month. And most of them will work on my iPod Touch.
  • Speaking of the iPhone, I’m still not sure. Local gadget über-geek Brenda‘s chosen phone (the new, and rather astonishing SonyEricsson C905) seems a little too bulky for me, but its little brother, the C902, seems just the thing. So I’ve created a little Google spreadsheet to compare the various options out there:

  • The biggest downside of the iPhone for me is the crap camera. From "what I can see ": it’s not any better than the camera in my present phone, the k750i. There’s heaps of better cameraphones now.

Also, I am a nerd. But you knew that.