Gathan Beaga

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Strange. I’ve just noticed a draft posting on my blog, uncompleted from the weekend.

As I tap this it’s late but warm and still, like those baking summers of youth. It is unclear whether the Motel we are in has intentionally provided free wireless, but nevertheless that is what I have discovered. Finding this at the beginning of the weekend really started things off nicely.

R. and I are back at Lake Hawea, just two weeks after our previous visit. This time though, we’ve left the kids in Wellington with their grandparents while we rage it up at my cousin’s wedding here.

Since being away the weather has stabilised. Yesterday, the day of the wedding, was one of those amazing southern days where the sun is baking hot but the air remains relatively […]

As I read it I remembered somewhat squiffily tapping it into the iPod in the dark, having been over-pleased with myself at figuring out how to attach it to a local wireless network (a tip: sometimes wireless access points appear to allocate IP addresses outside the range that the ADSL router has allowed to be NAT’ed – and this can explain the sometimes infuriating situation where it’s possible to connect yet not actually go anywhere).

Obviously though I’d gotten tired of tapping and called it a night. As I should also now.