Gathan Beaga

unspoken conversation, 7:15am

[The scene: bloke one is walking to work; bloke two is sitting in his 5 ton digger ready to start terracing a hill section. A complicated series of grins and a very kiwi sort of raised eyebrows combined with a slight uptilt of the head are exchanged. The interaction takes about two seconds, and is entirely wordless.]

-hey mate

[Bloke one’s eyes slip on to the digger before settling back on bloke two.]

-fuckin’ eh, that’s a cool piece of kit to play with there
-heh. i like it.

[Bloke two eye-checks bloke one’s shirt and tie.]

-you off to the office, eh?
-yeah. reckon you’ve got the better job today tho’
-yeah, reckon you might be right mate

[Bloke one walks out of scene.]