Gathan Beaga

under construction

I’m reminded of that dumbarse graphic that used to appear on about 50% of all websites before the late nineties before things started getting serious and professional and Real Money started to appear.

This site is under construction. Beware. Etc. Etc.

What actually happened is that I’ve been puttering around with small site redesign for a number of weeks now, not really making much progress, and I figured the best way to move forward was just to dump it online. Then I’d be forced to fix it.

This was enough of a snap decision that I’ve forgotten to take a screenshot of the old layout. Bother.

Anyway, at this point (and I’m shortly to retire for the evening) the home page layout needs some attention, the colours are shite everywhere… and don’t even talk about how the archive pages are looking at the moment.

All this will pass.

If you’ve jumped straight here from your feed reader (which is likely given how miserly I’ve become with the words I put in my feeds now), have a look at the homepage.

What I’d really appreciate from you, my dear readers, is some suggestions for colour schemes. I am no good with colours, as can probably be observed.

While you do that, I’ll slip out the door and re-immerse myself in my current read, Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver.

And tomorrow I’ll be back to clean up some of this mess here. Tradesman’s promise!