Gathan Beaga

über-geek try-hard

I’ve been doing some extremely geeky stuff lately. No really. Even geekier than usual, although it’s not much by the standards of a lot of people I’ve been reading of lately, so YMMV.

I’ve had this idea (actually, several, but one at a time, thanks!) for a small web application for over a year now. It’s really to fix a trivial problem my (then) immediate workmates and I used to have, but the idea has wider application – it’s sort of but not really like social networking, yet in much smaller groups.

Or not: who knows what I’ll end up building, if anything. My experience so far on this sort of stuff is not good, having had many false starts already without actually writing any code. So I’m probably just full of hot air.

In line with The Latest Trends the development toolset is already in my possession: my MacBook; Ruby on Rails (which I have name-dropped many times previously here without actually doing much about it) & Locomotive (I couldn’t be bothered going through all the manual setup for Ruby on Rails without Locomotive – I’ve done the manual thing before on my old iBook and see no need to repeat the experience); and TextMate (whose blogging bundle I am using to write this posting, and whose purple icon gives me a nice feeling), just like all the other Kool Kids.

I even have a Subversion repository set up on my webserver for looking after whatever code I generate (though at the moment all it’s got is a couple of lonely documents, first stabs at writing some requirements for my app).

I’m inclined to do this: influenced by the vast volumes of opinion read on the web each day I’ll get excited about the most hyped thing. And then buy (into) it (like I bought Mint, which is quite good actually). Or at least find out enough about it to venture a strongly held but narrowly based opinion.

Except this time I’ve run through the couple of the rails tutorials and I really think I can do it, if I stick at it. My idea is simple enough to implement, at least in the beginning. Plus I have (yet another) ruby book coming from Amazon to assist in learning and doing.

And now I’m telling you lot, so I’ll have to keep working on it now. Whatever it is.