Gathan Beaga

two themed links

Continuing with the Christmas theme, here’s a couple links for entertainment:

  • SageNZ has posted a wonderful re-purposing of The Night Before Christmas for us Kiwis (“Twas the night before Christmas,and all round the bach / Not a possum was stirring; not one could we catch…” – thanks to Gryfon for pointing this one out);
  • The 12 pubs of Christmas looks like a beautiful Christmas pageant for all the family an exceedingly messy occasion (were I to take part, I’d probably manage 1.5 pubs before disaster – low body mass, you know).

Hmmm. I should really find some more links. But life elsewhere cannot be put off for much longer.

[Update 12/12/2004: I’ve since found out that the text SageNZ posted was, er… borrowed from a children’s book published last year by Scholastic (Auckland). It’s called (oddly enough) A Kiwi Night Before Christmas and was written by Yvonne Morrison and illustrated by Deborah Hinde. Now go to it.]