Gathan Beaga

two films to look forward to

I saw trailers for these via Boing Boing last week.

The first I am very excited about: a biopic of Ian Curtis. It’s amazing how the man and his music still thrill after all these years. Just watching the admittedly very beautiful trailer (the film is shot by Anton Corbijn in black and white) and hearing the opening bars of She’s Lost Control made me break out in goosebumps. I’m not the only one – it’s getting pretty good reviews thus far.

You can see the trailer here in a silly flash-based website … or better yet just gank the trailer file for yourself here and watch it with VLC (or other FLV viewer) on full screen, over and over and over.

Hopefully the film lives up to the hype.

The other film is by/about Sigur Rós. Maybe I’m setting myself up for a big disappointment here… but what is ostensibly a live DVD from a recent summer tour appears to be, from the trailer at least, an astonishingly beautiful travelogue of Iceland set to their astonishingly beautiful music. Again, download the trailer directly and play full screen, over and over and over.

And don’t bother with the YouTube versions of either trailer. Go for the real thing. They won’t disappoint.