Gathan Beaga

tui versus kererū

It’s a war for the hearts and minds out there.

This evening a kererū started systematically stripping the cherries off our tree, the same tree that blossoms for us each year and maybe the same kererū too.

We’d been waiting for this moment so that we could take some photos. As seems to be usual, of the photos we took, R.‘s were the best. And here’s the pick of the bunch:

Stuffed Kererū

So where does the tui fit in? Well, as I snuck outside to try and get close to the tree, the girls trailed out after me and stood watching.

For some weeks, we had been going crook at all the starlings who were burgling the harakeke nectar, premium tui food. We’d chase them off, throw things at them and generally have a bit of fun. And so R₂ was not well disposed towards the kererū either, who also seemed to be taking the food that (she thought) was meant for her tui friends.

Meanwhile B₂ was absolutely fascinated with the kererū, a bird of some personal significance to her as it’s the name of the class she’s in at school. Later on she ended up under the tree jumping up and down and waving, trying to attract the bird’s attention (it just carried on eating regardless).

But R₂ wanted the kererū to go away, and loudly said as much, before being pulled up (quietly) by B₂. This was a beautiful little interchange, which I captured as part of a very shaky movie of the kererū (220Kb MP3 audio file here, that is a rooster in the background; and B₂ is pointing alternately to the cherry tree in front of her and the harakeke behind her and then back to the cherry again).

I really love the way the girls are getting on together at the moment.