Gathan Beaga

train (pt. i)

I’m on the train for Masterton. I seem to have lucked into getting one of the air-conditioned carriages, and it is in relative comfort that I view the journey through the relatively unfavoured left hand side of the carriage (the views aren’t as nice, and the sun is on me, although filtered by some scudding low cloud).

For fun I’ve turned on iStumbler, and am counting the number of wireless networks I pass. The first time I did this a few years ago there were very very few. Now there’s heaps… including an open one called DPF. Is that you, David?

R. and the girls are already on their way there in the car, having left immediately after school. We’re travelling over there because tomorrow is the last of the Bic Runga concerts. She’s been all over the country playing acoustic gigs at various vineyards. Given this one is at an earlier time of the day, finishing at 7:30pm, we’ve decided to take the girls to their first ever gig. Rock and Roll! (They already strike poses: no sooner does R₂ get pair of sunglasses on and she’s playing, as she calls it, a “rock girl”.)

Hmmm, not much wireless in the Hutt, though. At Waterloo now and nothing for nine minutes… not since just after Kaiwharawhara…