Gathan Beaga


I collected my email this evening and got a bit of a shock. Four emails from TradeMe – telling me about auctions on my watchlist, and then, about auctions I had bid on and won. This was a mystery. Had my account been hacked? Was I about to have a whole lot of hassle with irate sellers?

And then slowly, I remembered.

Three nights ago – Thursday night – we had a quiz night (for charity – at least that’s my excuse). Our team – my immediate workmates and a couple others – won the quiz and a good time was had by all. I had a very good time, too good in fact, the better part of a bottle of wine good, and those that have observed my low body mass will realise that such goodness is not always borne well by the likes of I.

At home afterwards I was at a loose end: Becky and the girls had gone to Masterton. I logged on and idly surfed.

Something must have made me go to TradeMe. Earlier in the day I had chanced past a second hand bookshop and bought some old Noddy books for Bella – she loves them, and I am a sucker for making her happy.

With that still in mind, it seems I put a couple bids on some scruffy old Noddy books in two auctions. Evidently I did not even realise that I was bidding on the same book twice.

I won them. I am thankful that I at least did not bid too high, and that the things I bought will be useful. (I can probably even sell the duplicate book to a second hand shop.)

But it could have been much much worse. I’m feeling lucky to have escaped serious consequences. Thus the moral of the story, dear reader:

Don’t use TradeMe while pissed.