Gathan Beaga

tinakori hill

Bella on the top of Tinakori HillThis has been the second beautiful weekend in a row – I’m almost fooled into thinking Spring is here. But that would be stupid. Even so, today was clear, calm, and warm – three things not usually associated with Wellington in August.

After Rosa’s morning sleep Becky dropped the three of us at the top of Cecil Road – Rosa in the back pack, and Bella with her walking boots on. She got quite excited about the muddy track up through the scrub to the top of Tinakori Hill: at times it formed a tunnel where the air was still cold from the morning’s frost. Rosa’s assorted shouts, giggles and excited tugging on my hair seemed to indicate she enjoyed it too.

At the top there was plenty of green grass to run about on, muddy puddles to splash in, and friendly dogs to play with. And the air was clear for miles, with the Kaikouras as usual to be pointed out to Bella and Rosa: “there’s the South Island – way away past those mountains is where Nana G. and Grandad Pete live!” But the Tararuas to the Northeast were too close to the sun and were almost lost in some haze, so there wasn’t the same opportunity for signposts pointing in the direction of her maternal grandparents.

We walked for a very long time, and eventually through Wadestown Bella gave up and I had to start carrying her as well. Rescue was at hand, however, and we were driven the rest of the way by Becky.

Now, where to go next time?