Gathan Beaga

those iBook logic board problems

It’s been quiet here lately.

Actually it’s because I haven’t been able to use the iBook much in the last few days: it’s failing with what I’m sure is a recurrence of the iBook logic board failure problem. It had it in July last year, and the logic board was replaced then by Apple.

The other day it started again: display fritzing, lines… I rebooted; all seemed well, but with some foreboding I quickly did a backup. Just as well, because shortly afterward the display went dark, and wouldn’t light up again.

Down at MagnumMac this afternoon they told me that because I bought the iBook more than three years ago Apple’s extended replacement program no longer applies. The part required has a list price of over NZD$1,000 ex-GST, so that with labour the end bill won’t be much short of $1,500 (I’m not the only person who finds this a little upsetting), a price that’s not out of line with reported quotes I’ve seen on overseas websites.

This evening I surfed the net on my phone for information; it seems that more than one source suggests placing some sort of insert into the machine to press the logic board and the graphics processing unit closer together, as apparently the connection between the two is the root of the problem.

Applying this logic I tried rebooting the iBook while compressing hard the left hand-rest area (below which the GPU lies). And so it booted, with the display working fine this time.

It lives. Until the next time it fails. I don’t think I can trust it to be reliable, to not fail and thereby risk our precious photos and emails. And yet buying a new machine, while nice, wasn’t really in the plan for this year.

What a pain.