Gathan Beaga

this is not what summer is for...

Queenstown, New Zealand

The weather not actually being that good at the moment – in fact not since we came up to Hawea from the farm has the weather been up to much – we cruised down to Queenstown for a day trip: up over the Crown Range and down into Arrowtown for lunch (and some chilli chocolate from Patagonia: easily the best chocolate I’ve ever had, and literally impossible to eat too much of).

And Queenstown: busy; traffic jammed; and full of all the same mall-rat shops as any large town (although the girls were very impressed with the fish viewing tank under the wharf, something that few other towns have as far as I can tell). We headed up the gondola for afternoon tea.

And then it happened. It got dark… the wind blew… and it started to snow. It was so windy that the gondola was temporarily suspended, and we waited in a huge queue for it to restart. Not that this was too much hardship: in an interesting co-incidence we met another family from our playcentre that had been staying at their parents’ crib in Te Anau and, like us, were in Queenstown for the day; and then we had a chat with a Japanese couple wanting to practise their (very good) English on us.

So, despite the lack of summer we had a good day.

But still. It snowed. I think we’ve had enough of this crap weather now.