Gathan Beaga

they think it's all over

I can’t quite believe it’s been 19 days since the last entry. I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth (the stuff in the sidebar continues apace) it’s just that, well, I just haven’t been bothered.

Lots on the go though.

I’m still playing with the new blog layout (on my localhosted version). Rounded corners. Mmmmmmmmm.

moo cardsMy new Moo Minicards arrived on Friday. They are somehow such really nice objects and I am thinking of getting some more. Just to give away, or leave as calling cards.

Last weekend we were in Napier, attending R.‘s Grandmother’s 90th birthday party. The family gathering, the day after the party, was at Sileni Estates (where we were spotted by Brena). As usual, it was a superb meal. The whole weekend (plus Monday and Tuesday) was pretty good and relaxing, with most days being t-shirt weather. Contrast this to the following day back in Wellington which was so cold we needed the fire. At that point, and temporarily, one does start to question Wellington’s weather.

Been trying new wine lately. Like these two:

Ébano TempranilloDrylands Dry Riesling

The left one was OK, but I suspect was responsible for the appalling headache that arrived at 3am on Saturday morning. A little overpriced compared to some other stuff I could have bought, but then maybe I need a little training in Spanish wine. The one on the right though, was a real honey. Highly recommended.

Meanwhile I’ve been excited that Battlestar Galactica is starting again. In fact some American Friends are making a tape of the first two episodes for me as I write. Between that and the new series of Prison Break we’ve taken up some blogging time.

this morning, 10amThere was something nice about this morning’s coffee (the sun on my back, a fresh Sunday paper, a good night’s sleep, well rested children), so much so I had to take a picture and upload it to Flickr, where Matt, one of the Mojo baristas who up until recently made quite a few of my macchiatos (including this cracker) spotted it.

And finally. Those fucking rats. Again. Does anyone know where I can get a trap? I’ve like to kill some in a violent and messy way. Or maybe even a fancy bait station. Time to cruise the DoC website perhaps. Anyway, I thought I’d trapped one in the compost bin a few weeks ago by placing bricks over the holes it had made. Then I put some nice poison in there for it to chew on. I came back the next day to find that it had tossed over the contents of the compost bin sufficiently to bury my plastic poison container, and then blithely chewed another hole out of the compost bin.

There you go. Up to date.