Gathan Beaga

there's been a blognapping

It’s not quite the same, even when attempted in homage to Mark MacManus’s gravelly Glaswegian tones.

But a small crime, none the less.

James, proprietor of the quite lovely Wellingtonista site [disclaimer: I write for Wellingtonista occasionally] was doing a bit of maintenance over on Blogspot, attempting to transfer everything over to a new dot com domain. Somehow, while he was doing this, some bot stole his old Blogspot address (Google PageRank: a modest but respectable “4”) and planted a splog there to accrue some of the Google goodness owing to Wellingtonista.

A splog? It’s another crap neologism, a contraction of spam blog. On “Ava’s website” (I’ll not link to it, although it is to be found at wellingtonista dot blogspot dot com) there’s a whole lot of inappropriately used content that’s been “gathered” from around the internet (like here), presumably harvested from RSS feeds. There’s links to dodgy university courses, online drug sales, and many many other, similar “blogs”. It’s totally a scam.

So, what James do? Nothing really: James has reported the incident to Blogspot. That’s about all he can do.

What can you do? You can change any links you might have that point to the old address, to the new address. Kill their PageRank… and thereby choke off the bastards’ air-supply.

It’s a strange world we live in, isn’t it.