Gathan Beaga

there's always someone...

You know how you’re always told that no matter what the situation, there’s always someone worse off than you? That huge area under the bell curve of human experience means it’s true too. (As it is in many similar comparisons: substitute out “worse off” for, variously, things like “uglier”; “richer”; “more intelligent”; “bat-shit crazier”; etc. as per personal preference. This can be, or not, a comforting thought.)

Nowhere is this more true than at the hospital. And demonstrated in this conversation:

Bloke 1: Oooh, did she hurt her hand?
Bloke 2: No, that’s just where the shunt goes for the IV antibiotic. She’s got a bit of an infection. [Pause.] And yours?
Bloke 1 [looks down at the baby cradled in his arms]: Oh, we’re off to Auckland next week for heart surgery.