Gathan Beaga

the sunset clause

Cory Doctorow tells it like it is:

From the packaging, it’s very hard to tell if a music CD is going to infect your computer with spyware, a rootkit, or similar malicious, anti-customer technology. […] Most of the major labels have decided that they need to punish their remaining customers with infectious technologies. I don’t trust them, so I’ve just stopped buying CDs. Between mashups, Creative Commons licensed music, Internet radio, and my gigantic collection of tracks ripped from my old CDs, I have all the music I need for now. If a hot band comes out with a hot album, they’d better be willing to sell me Oggs or MP3s, ‘cause I’ve had it with CDs. There’s no music worth risking my data for.

I’m not quite there yet, but it won’t be long.

Fuck ’em.