Gathan Beaga

the story of durvillea wines

Durvillea SBYears ago it became clear that my destiny was not to become a farmer. And so it’s turned out – living in Wellington I’m a long way from the family farm in Central Otago.

But there’s more than one way to be a farmer, as my Dad will tell me. And so now, every time I go back there’s a particular piece of land I can look at and know that it is, at least in small part, belonging to our little Wellington family. It makes another reason to return home, and helps keeps our ties to our wider rural family and the land alive.

The setup at Durvillea Wines seems a little like this.

I ran across them the other day via Twitter; and followed them after reading a little of their story. (I’m a sucker for products with stories.)

Durvillea is a new wine label being launched by Jane Forrest-Waghorn and her three daughters, Meg, Libby and Arabella, utilising the skills of their husband, father and winemaker Simon Waghorn.

Simon Waghorn is the winemaker at Astrolabe Wines, a name I had seen on shelves but not devoted any thought to… until now.

The three daughters, none of whom live in Marlborough, together with their Blenheim cousin, do a lot of charming, low-key social media marketing for Durvillea Wines, via their blog, Facebook page, and Twitter stream. I found this out personally when they let me know that I’d won a bottle of their Sauvignon Blanc for being their 100th follower on Twitter.

This afternoon Meg dropped it around to my work, together with some handwritten instructions on how to get more. And this evening, there was a little get-together of some of the North Island whānau visiting town, where we drank it, appropriately enough.

It was pretty good (here’s my little review on Corkscore), and very sharply priced too.

We all thought it well worth keeping an eye out for come summertime. And meanwhile, I should really investigate their Pinot Noir, and probably Astrolabe too while I’m at it…