Gathan Beaga

the star spirits

The observant will have noticed that all of a sudden there’s been a little burst of blogging here. This is actually directly attributable to dungeon fatigue.

Yes, fifty-six hours into Zelda I found myself being sucked into a sand trap in the Arbiter’s Grounds for the umpteenth time. That was a week and a half ago and I haven’t been back.

Give it another couple weeks though.

star spirit badges (2)In the weekend though the girls and I have been playing a little Wii Sports. But what they really like at the moment is a classic I downloaded from the Wii’s Virtual Console the other week, Paper Mario.

It’s kind of silly and charming at the same time. Mario’s girlfriend, Princess Peach, has been kidnapped by the wicked Bowser and his sidekick, the witch Kammy Koopa. With extra “Star Spirits”, whose “Star Rod” has been stolen by Bowser and who can no longer grant wishes. Pretty much like every other Mario adventure ever, apparently.

Except this time, although Mario navigates around a 3-d world, he and all the other characters are 2-d (hence Paper Mario). And there’s a lot of humorous narration, which B₂ can read herself, and a turn-based combat system that requires a little bit of thought rather than dumb button-mashing – perfect for fast thinking small handed people.

Mainly the girls like to watch me play (especially when I ham up the narration), although B₂ has started in on it herself now.

B₂ loves it so much she got crafty today. She decided that she and I needed some assistance when playing… so when I got home she showed me the Star Spirit badges and lucky charms she’d made for our next session.

Who would have thought it? Wii Craft! Better than Martha Stewart’s cake, eh?