Gathan Beaga

the show

We are in Napier for the Show, like last year.

Today was the day: we spent a morning wandering about, mainly (from Bella’s point of view) to find a decent balloon, which eventually we did: helium filled (the main thing) and plastered with the name of some hoighty private school in Havelock North (of less interest).

The highlight of the morning was to have been the Police Dog display, but Bella’s increased fidgeting signalled something quite different, and by the time her and her mother had returned from the huge queues under the grandstand the display was over. Pity, because it was very good.

The rest of the Show was as to be expected: coffee; candy-floss; steak & onion sandwiches; boiling-hot cars; the smell of sheep-shit; tacky arts and crafts (with the occasional genius); shiny new farm machinery; alpacas, lambs, cattle, wallabies, donkeys, hens (and the rest); crowds and more crowds.

And again next year, if we can.