Gathan Beaga

the shopping experience, online

Now to the serious business of Online Shopping. I’ve come to this in a roundabout way…

  1. I’m thinking of switching from Orcon to iHug, picking up their tolls (15c/min in NZ) at the same time (to save $10 month); slinging Clear (12c/min, but you have to buy a minimum of 300 minutes per month) and thereby upgrading my connection speed to 2Mb/s.
  2. But maybe I could use SkypeOut (about 4c/min) and/or Gizmo CallOut (about 8c/min) instead of using the ISP’s tolls for any really big calls.
  3. Maybe I need a handset to connect to the iBook to make it easier to use it like a phone. I see Dick Smith have some.
  4. But wait: what about TradeMe and eBay. Oh yes (much later) they have them too. And cheaper.
  5. And then… once again … I run across this.

BLUETOOTH PENELOPE * PHONE - MaroonAnd the shopping process crashes to a halt. Here it is: the answer to my wannabe hipster cravings, a wireless handset I can use on my mobile (for those trying-far-too-hard ironic moments) and a beautifully practical and usable handset for Skype and Gizmo.

The colour; the shiny curves… I’ve had to steal the photo for here so I can look at it without having to be tempted by the creator’s website.

There is one problem though: it’s £90. Before postage. I need to save. And wait.