Gathan Beaga

the proposition

I found another film today to add to the long list of movies-I’d-like-to-see-but-never-quite-get-to: The Proposition.

Better yet, Dave5 doesn’t seem to have mentioned it yet (he got there first on the current round of hype for Richard Linklater’s intriguing rotoscoped rendition of Philip K. Dick’s A Scanner Darkly) so I can proceed without fear of boring our maybe three mutual readers.

Written by Nick Cave (you see, that got your attention), with soundtrack by Mr Cave plus comix legend Warren Ellis (a match made in heaven, if it were true: it’s actually the undoubtably equally talented Warren Ellis of the Dirty Three – had me going for a bit there, that coincidence in name), it’s an Australian Western (getting even better): heat, flies, dust, and a bit of a Peckinpah-ish bloodbath by all accounts.

There’s a trailer on the site worth checking out. The basic story goes like this: Local lawman catches the two younger brothers in a trio of sibling bushrangers; threatens to execute the youngest (who is 14) if the middle brother doesn’t hunt down and kill the eldest, who is completely psycho.

It’s been out in Australia for months and months, is released in the UK in the next week or so (from where I picked up the hype) but what seems to be its first showings in New Zealand are not until April in the World Cinema Showcase. Australian film doesn’t always get the best showing in this country – and I’m just as guilty of ignoring decent Aussie films as anyone else.

On the other hand, perhaps I could just order the DVD from Australia – it was released last week.

Anyway, some reviews:

(Epilogue: In fact, I’ve now convinced myself to buy it from EzyDVD in Australia – even with postage it costs less than NZ$35 and maybe Becky and I can watch it this weekend for much less than the cost+hassle+delay of the alternative. )