Gathan Beaga

the pretender

Not the crappo and now cancelled US TV show, but the rather good local faux-reality series on TV3 this evening, late, after that fantastic CSI by Tarantino.

It’s about Dennis Plant, the blue party candidate for Wakatipu South. He’s your archetypal Queenstown developer, and thinking he can connect with “the little people” decides to run against the incumbent, the (“unmarried tree-hugging” and female) Associate Minister for the Environment. A filmmaker follows him around on his campaign.

I scratched around on the TV3 site until I found this page about it. So the good news is, it’s a series. Just as well, because it was damned funny.

Like the bit where the Labour candidate sends him a fruit basket, wishing him well on his campaign. In some sort of exaggerated Southern Man thing he takes it as an insult, “she’s insinuating my campaign is, you know, fruity”.

Hmmm, I guess you had to be there. Did anyone else see it? (DPF can’t have seen it, or he would have blogged on it already…)