Gathan Beaga

the office (us)

I’ve just finished watching the first two episodes of the new US version of classic Brit comedy The Office.

The first episode is pretty uncanny in its resemblance to the original… and it’s actually a little disappointing because of this. The characters are so recognisable it’s a bit of a dislocation watching different people play them.

It picked up a lot in the second episode though, when it became more true to American pre-occupations and situations (in this case, race, with a mandatory “Diversity Day” imposed on the office after some complaints about the boss’s behaviour).

I’ve read elsewhere that from episode 2 onwards it’s all US scripted, with few references to the original. This is a good thing and for me, being someone who watched all of the BBC version, just about makes the rest of The Office worth catching.

When it arrives here officially in about three years time, that is. (coff.)