Gathan Beaga

the night before

Out on the streets the people have taken their unofficial half-day spilling out over the pavements walking three abreast slowly seeing old friends accidentally that they forgot to send cards to but will catch up with in the new year thronging the bookshops and crowding the cafes excited kids in tow uncool grandparents taking reluctant teenagers to buy yet another pair of socks you are growing so fast dear these days

but away from the golden mile the traffic is thinner than you might think and maybe the people are gathering far from the centre of town with their families and friends hoping for sunshine tomorrow barbeque and beer but oh hasn’t the weather been dreadful recently they say as they walk to their cars after a hard day keeping the shopkeepers happy

and I, I am waiting for the next train outta here before only the ghosts are left and the warmth withdrawn from this shell of a town because something big is coming I will see it in my children’s eyes and it’s not to be missed just to share in their thrill is the name of the game I can’t see it but it’s on it’s way

I’m going to meet it.