Gathan Beaga

the jesus phone arrives

I did it. It took less than the six months predicted by some. Just over two. But now I have an iPhone.

[Apologies for more iPhone crap.]

The trigger for this was Vodafone’s announcement of some new plans, including two that were quite a bit cheaper than before. These new plans now represent quite a significant saving over even non-iPhone plans. While they still could not be considered cheap by overseas standards, the new plans are no longer out of the market internationally, and are in fact pretty bloody good by Vodafone New Zealand’s standards. I must acknowledge here that Vodafone seem to have listened to their customers on this: cheaper plans that use less voice and text but keep the data are almost exactly what I wanted.

I’d been doing a lot of calculations on the total cost of ownership over the two year life of the contract, and it turned out that the 16Gb iPhone would cost me just $200 more than my other preferred non-iPhone option, a SonyEricsson c902 together with an equivalent voice and data plan. (Had I not stupidly re-signed to my phone contract in June, even that $200 difference could have been eliminated. Don’t ask.)

After I spent a couple of evenings poring over this, I showed it to R., who took just two minutes to make an optimisation that saved a further $300 on both the iPhone and non-iPhone options. There’s a WIN there on so many levels!

Anyway, I figured that the $200 gap was a low enough margin to go for. The job was done after a bit of palaver about town this afternoon locating the right model; but it’s now all sync’d up and mine. (It’s possible to use the iPod Touch’s backup to populate the iPhone – this means all the settings for applications and the like are retained, which was quite nifty.) The iPod Touch will be appearing on TradeMe shortly if I don’t find a buyer first.

And at least now I should STFU on this subject.