Gathan Beaga

the horse was the winner on the day

the horse was the winner on the day

I like my photo better than the one taken by the Otago Daily Times photographer just a split second later.

Anyway, as we usually do when here on the farm for Christmas we attend the local rodeo. In between cold squalls of rain we watched the proceedings, although really we were there so that B₂ could do the sheep ride.

Sensing she was thinking of bailing out I sneakily said that of course, it was entirely her choice, but that only a real cowgirl would deserve one of these hats, as my arm waved towards a lovely bright pink straw stetson.

Hint taken, she returned to me a while later, covered in dirt from an arena faceplant, in tears, but ready for her prize. I made up for all this a little by running her a nice hot bath when we got back to the house. And since then, the new hat has barely left her head.