Gathan Beaga

the cowbird

Or at least, that’s how he [again assuming for no good reason] appears to me: a bit fat and ungainly and not a little dumb; not showing anything like the attitude displayed by the tui of the day before even though he was, just like the tui, looking me straight in the eye:

kererū in our cherry tree

Our psychotic blackbirds were a little alarmed, but soon realised that the kererū was no threat (or at least, not one worth worrying about, being more of an all-consuming force of nature than controllable thing). And they swing by about this time every year.

Not bothered in the slightest by anything mere humans could do, the kererū just carried on eating until he was done.

Lucky for him we live on a steep slope and it’s an easy downhill glide to gain enough speed for flying…