Gathan Beaga

that sound you can hear?

It’s the sound of a thousand angry geeks.

The pricing for the iPhone was released this morning. Everyone went off, and not in a good way. Twitter, blogs, stories in the news websites. The Vodafone marketing honcho even appeared on TV in an ineffectual attempt to justify the rather high, by international standards, pricing. It’s not a good look.

This evening I did some numbers on the two-year total costs. I discovered that the prices Vodafone are quoting are in fact pretty much in line with – well, arguably slightly better than – their other non-iPhone plans.

And maybe that’s the real problem. We were all expecting something different, a “game changer” I think I read someone saying today, a chance for Vodafone to prove themselves as innovative as the new handset itself. What we got was more of the same, except this time the comparisons with overseas were more readily available and clearly unfavourable.

So it’s disappointing. And now I’m even more aware of the outrageous costs of operating mobile phones in this country. For example, I’ve discovered that to take full advantage of the data capabilities of any new mobile phone (such as the other one I have my eye on) the total plan costs start approaching that of the iPhone plans anyway.

Compared to overseas we are being milked, pure and simple. I think we’ve all had enough now.