Gathan Beaga


I’ve decided that “Radio Userland”, the tool I’m currently using on this site, is the swiss army chainsaw of blogging tools.

No disrespect is intended, but I just feel that I need to make my blogging experience simpler and easier. While Radio is all-powerful, it feels like it needs a lot of maintenance from me and it certainly takes a lot of time for it to do stuff on my slow machine. I don’t seem to use the desktop website part of Radio at all, probably because I don’t have an always-on internet connection. I’m thinking that maybe a server based tool is the way to go.

So I’ve started looking around, and am currently trying out a very new tool called Textpattern. I downloaded the first beta this evening, and seeing as the nice people at my webhost had all the required ingredients on hand, I installed it. (Thanks to Sarah for putting me on to Nucleus in the first place!)

There’s a bit to figure out yet, but at least I have a site to play with.