Gathan Beaga

textpattern again

Just over a year ago, I wrote my first gushing post on a new blog tool called Textpattern.

I thought it was going to be exactly the thing for me. I installed it, played around with it, and waited for it to do the things I wanted. And waited.

Eventually I gave up and moved my blog to Movable Type instead. Textpattern’s development went subterranean, the developer having been burned by the whinings of too many demanding users at once (like me) and finding other priorities in his busy life.

Finally, this week, Textpattern returns. A new release appears for download (or deanload, as the case may be).

I like the idea of it: it stores all its content in a database, using PHP to generate the pages for display on the fly. Therefore, unlike Movable Type, there is no need for the generation of static pages. And its footprint on server disk space is very small.

Since moving to Movable Type though, there are now two features of a blogging tool I can’t do without, and which Textpattern (or any other of the database / PHP blog tools like Wordpress and bBlog) should have: cruft-free permalinks; and editing by client applications (such as wbloggar and ecto). It has neither of these right now.

On the other hand, I’ve installed it on the iBook and it looks great.

The grass is always greener.