Gathan Beaga

ten tracks

Meanwhile, back to the usual trivia which is the main diet of my ‘blog. I see that Patrick has randomised his MP3 player and then posted the first ten tracks, no matter how embarrassing that might be. OK, I’m up for that:

  • Round Midnight – Miles Davis I’m still getting used to this Jazz stuff.
  • Grey Lynn – Able Tasmans Classic Flying Nun music, jangly and melancholy, but very well produced. Their “Hold Me I” is one of my all time favourite NZ songs.
  • Black Star – Radiohead From “The Bends”, an album that the neighbour downstairs in London used to play at ultra-loud volume at 3am. At first I absolutely hated it, but over time the music insinuated itself into my dreams and now I love it.
  • We’re Going To Miss You – James From their strongest album since “Laid”, not one of the best tracks but still respectable.
  • All Her Songs – Grant McLennan From ex-Go-Betweens McLennan’s fantastic country music album.
  • Marie’s Wedding – The Wiggles Backing up Bella’s CDs to the iBook means all her Wiggles Tunes have transferred over to the iPod.
  • Doll Parts – Hole As much as some people hate and despise Courtney Love, she can write great songs. The album is so death infused, although recorded before husband Kurt Cobain’s suicide, that you’ve got to wonder…
  • Birdman – Ride More flying obsessed music from the arch-shoegazers.
  • No No No – David Kilgour From the ex-Clean member’s second solo album comes more classic Kiwi pop music.
  • The Matter of Time – Super Furry Animals My present favourite band. Welsh nutters.
I don’t know what that says about me, except that I seem to have a musical diet almost exclusively consisting of early ’90s music. Which of course corresponds to the time when I was spending crazy amounts of money on CDs. Other priorities have since intervened…