Gathan Beaga

synonymous with random?

There comes a time… well for me, about every few months… when I completely run out of useful or interesting things to say.

So at this point I usually like to write a list of unrelated crap. In the desperately sad hope that it’ll still draw the punters in and the self-validation exercise that is my stats page will tell a happy story once more.

  • My glasses survived the week in Melbourne – I had to superglue them again just the once. The replacements are doing fine.
  • I ended the work week early on Friday and joined R. for the weekend over there, where we walked ourselves sore and I got sunburned waiting for a tram at St Kilda beach.
  • It was the first time that both of us had been away together without the kids since before they were born. Ever. Which was very liberating and slightly naughty.
  • We arrived back to find that R.’s Mum, who was looking after the kids for us, had had a plumbing emergency and we found a bill for $600 on the kitchen bench. Which put a bit of a dampener on things.
  • I’ve noticed the busier I am at work the less interesting my blog gets. Curse them! Sapping my, er, creativity like that! How dare they! Oh, hang on. They do pay me recompense for at least some of that, don’t they…
  • Taking Mainlander Mike’s recommendation from a few months back, I’m reading Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, and it’s every bit as brilliant as Mike suggests. More please. It’s quite the best thing I’ve read all year.

And speaking of which, I must go and read some more. Don’t worry, I’ll be following this posting tomorrow with an equally dull posting about some new geek toy.

Watch this space (or not).