Gathan Beaga

super furry promo

As mentioned previously, my current favourite band is the Super Furry Animals. They’ve got a new album coming out, and they – or I should say, their record company – are attempting to enlist the power of the Internet to promote their new album, Phantom Power .

They want me to post a link to a video promo for the new single, Golden Retriever. (No, I don’t want a signed poster. But I’ve linked to you anyway, because I like the band.)

It’s a great promo… but why the hell is it in a poxy Windows Media MPEG format? Given Pete Fowler’s style of animation it should really be in Flash, which would make the file size quite a bit smaller, as well as the picture heaps better. But at least it will play in the Mac version of Windows Media Player that I installed specially (forgive me, my iBook!).

Unlike the sample tracks available for download on the album website, which seem to require a player that is compatible with something called Windows Media Rights Manager V7 before they can be played. Of course none exist for the Mac (probably just as well).

It’s a bad sign. Let’s hope band+label don’t go the Radiohead way.