Gathan Beaga


Sunset: Eastern Bay of Plenty

And did I mention the sunsets here?

It’s been as nice as this for most of the week – well, at least those days when it wasn’t raining at the time. (Yes, it does rain here during the day occasionally.)

There’s a lot of brown colouration in the air low to the horizon – I imagine that’s a plume of Nitrogen Dioxide from all the heavily urbanised areas to the west of here – Tauranga; Hamilton; Auckland. And that cloud in the middle is called Chuckles – he’s apparently a friend of Bella’s who seems to turn up about this time most evenings. Chuckles the Friendly Cloud. Possibly not so friendly for the mariners caught in the rain underneath him.

I’d have liked to boast of the relaxing time we had in the spa pool while observing this sunset, but we have found that if the girls decide to hop in the spa pool as well it’s anything but relaxing. They treat it like the kids’ pool at Karori, and end up being completely manic splashing about; screaming; and “accidentally” getting each other ducked underwater.

But, a quick look out over the bay, deep breath, re-centre. Aaaaaahhhhhh.