Gathan Beaga

summer fled the scene

pohutukawa driftWELLINGTON: Sources said that halfway through the party, Summer fled the scene, pursued by a stiff Northerly and encroaching low cloud.

Party-goers were disappointed.

“Summer had only just arrived”, said one, “and now it’s buggered off again”.

Some expressed optimism that a Southerly, having kindly deposited its rain elsewhere, might locate Summer and bring it back to Wellington. Others scoffed at this notion, pointing out that Summer was more than just clear skies – it was actually warm temperatures too. Still others expressed surprise at this notion, saying that “warm” was “what indoors is for”.

Generally though, attendees had been conditioned by experience to expect this sort of inconstant and borderline abusive behaviour from Summer. They were left to tidy up as best they could, and get back to work. Police reported no incidences of crowd disturbance.